The powerful element icon list provides incredibleu00a0
opportunities to represent your lists styles.


You can also divide each list item with a good
looking divider like solid, dotted or dashed.

Space Between

You can also modify the space between eachu00a0list
item, the number is represented in each device.


Easily change the alignment to left,u00a0center
or right, with a great combination of icons.


Another great feature of list styles is the inline
type, you can easily change their position.


The color is easy changeable, you can customize
the color of the icon, the text or both of them.

Hover Color

The same options of color can be applied whenu00a0you
mouseover over a list item, icon or text are changed.


Change easily the size of the icon before oru00a0the textu00a0on
the list item style, the color and size can be combined.

Jörg Pelka
Diplom-Designer FH
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